Project 1 : bIG4 caloundra Holiday Park Wayfinding

I was engaged to develop the branding for this brand new holiday park as well as design the wayfinding signage system. The owners requested that the most popular park facilities be highlighted on the sign posts which are dotted at pathway intersections around the park. This project is still being finalised, but below are some concept images to show its progress. 

Project 2 : CS Gallery, Caroline Springs

Design Problem: 1 building, 2 venues with unclear signposting.

Here below are some concepts I produced for the CS Gallery and Library in Caroline Springs. I was commissioned to develop ideas for the building’s external signage which would help visitors distinguish the Library part of building from the Gallery part of building. The site has many visitors per day and majority were struggling to find the main entrance to the library.

The new wayfinding designs had to consider that visitors were approaching the building from a 180 degree radius of possible angles and therefore I needed to consider something large and multiple viewpoints e.g. from the main road (Caroline Springs Boulevard) and the library car park (which sits to the right of the image below).

The first step in creating the look and feel of the new signs was to see what was already in place in terms of corporate or building branding and ensure our new designs were sympathetic to this. 

Entrance Signposting – Concept 1

Entrance Signposting – Concept 2

Entrance Signposting – Concept 3

Split wayfinding sign for middle wall

Interior wayfinding via floor decals

Interior Way finding – floor decals leading up to the interior entrance

Concept for signposting the interior entrance to the Gallery

Wayfinding Signage

Here are two key wayfinding projects I have worked on.