Space Station Entrance Sign
Space Station Logo Design


Space Station is a new co-working space in Melbourne CBD. I was very pleased to be designing the brand and co-ordinating the build of this clever website. The main function of the site is to show off these beautifully appointed work spaces, plus process online bookings. The space offers training rooms, boardrooms, private offices and hotdesks. Rooms can be booked for an hour, day or over several days. Given all the variables, we had to find the right software solution that could handle the processing of the online bookings across not only 1 but 3 different locations plus ensure the back-end interface was intuitive enough for admin staff to use. Through careful planning and clever branding, we were able to strike a happy medium between a slick corporate feel and a friendly, approachable vibe in the look and feel of the website. To give the user the most realistic sense of the each space, we presented the offices in 3 different ways, photography, videography plus incorporated a 3D virtual tour.