The Grampians Music Festival is a festival set amoungst the stunning Grampians backdrop and highlights up & coming Australian music. The festival provides an inclusive and creative environment to watch some of Australia’s newest bands. The tone of this year’s festival branding is: relaxed, inclusive, respectful, confident, environmental, natural, local, alternative and age-less.

The brand is hoping to inspire adventurers, live music lovers; food, wine & beer-loving community-minded people, creative opinion leaders and bohemian festival goers.

The mountainous setting is one of the main thing setting this festival apart from others so we wanted this to feature prominantly in the branding.

The soft tones of green and blue used suggest a relaxed, chilled out vibe and using them generously across large areas also evokes that expansive feeling of the great outdoors.

The mint green representing the land whilst the pastel blue represents the endless sky – both highlighting the environmental, natural, free-spirited feel of the festival.

The wavy shapes that feature within the logo are a combination of both soundwaves and mountain tops, representing both the audio and visual aspect of the Grampians Music Festival.

Grampians Music Festival 2018


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