A fun project initiated by the Moonee Valley Council which showcases the city’s strong cultural and culinary diversity. 22 community members shared recipes that mean something special to them, resulting in this very special cook book which will be enjoyed for many years to come.

The book includes photos of the contributors with their dishes, personal anecdotes and easy-to-follow instructions. Visionary Creative was commissioned to design the branding and layout of the book, plus manage the print production.

Branding for a new line of coffee to be roasted here in Melbourne.

This new brand of coffee is a tribute to the unique little laneways that grace our awesome city of Melbourne.

Each of the laneways offer something unique to experience – be it street art, specialty coffee, gourmet food or high fashion.

As part of the branding, we got to design the logo plus brand coffee cups, a small ‘Ape’ van and a coffee bag.

An A5 size, 6 panel wedding invitation design for Christian and his bride to be, Sarah. We used paper from K.W. Doggett in Preston – 280gsm Buffalo Board for the housing and a 250gsm Curious Metallic ‘Gold leaf’ for the inserts. Printed with the help of Mark and Edd at Minuteman Press Tullamarine, trimmed, scored and constructed by hand.

Artecycle Exhibition Catalogue 2012.
Artecycle is the City of Moonee Valley’s premier art award and exhibition, held at the Walter Burley Griffin-designed Incinerator Gallery. Artists are asked to respond to the themes of environmentalism and sustainability, with the majority of artwork being sculptures and installation pieces.

The catalogue featured some creative folding which enabled the printed piece to function as a booklet that transforms into a wall poster.

The branding for the 2012 exhibition features some creative typography which sees the characters in the title being treated as 3D sculptures which, in turn, compliments the nature of the exhibition.

This first document is a short report commissioned by Leadwest and a handful of Melbourne’s western councils. to highlight some key population statistics in the West. The document is a tool that will help the organisation seek state and/or federal government funding for the area. I received the design brief on a Friday which consisted of a 2 page Word doc which had to be transformed into a beautiful visual report by first thing that Monday morning.

The second poster is a visual documentation of all the program outcomes achieved by the Moonee Valley Council Youth Department in the past year.


Visionary Creative is proud to have been supporting The Incinerator Gallery since 2007.

Each month for over 10 years Visionary has helped  produce marketing material such as brochures, invitations and signage for each show featured at the Gallery.

The gallery’s signature exhibitions such as The Incinerator Art Award (formally known as Artecycle) and Fireworks (the art and design award for local VCE students) have required branding and design concept developed from scratch  which Visionary Creative has been able to deliver.

Below are samples of some key pieces of marketing material such as their yearly program booklet as well as some samples of typical exhibition signage and marketing items.

We liaise with the gallery curator as well as the Moonee Valley Arts and Culture team to develop the concept, layout the content and manage the printing and delivery, ensuring it arrives on time for each show’s opening night.

The cover of last year’s program featured an abstract illustration of the Gallery’s heritage building in Moonee Ponds.

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Lara has worked as both an in-house and freelance designer for Europcar Car Rental Australia and New Zealand.

For over 10 years Lara was the primary designer developing artwork for all branches across both Australian and New Zealand.

She assisted the marketing and e-commerce departments by preparing artwork for a variety of different promotional items including:

producing design concepts for printed and online advertising, preparing artwork for rental vehicle signage, Point Of Sale (POS) material, designing newsletters, booklets, brochures, flyers, indoor and outdoor billboards, pull up banners, branch signage plus onscreen graphics for both websites and EDMs etc.

Client: Veitch Stainless Steel

A stack of A5-sized information cards held together with a paper belly wrap. Each card highlights the benefits and specifications of each shower channel product. The cards are used as a sales tool at home decorating trade shows.


A5 booklet design for a photography exhibition.

Visionary was commissioned to design, layout, print and deliver the catalogue for the ‘All You Need is Love’ exhibition.

The show features photographs of Lisa White’s “In Bed Project” which supports marriage equality.

The cover features a cool die cut of the word ‘love’ revealing a subtle rainbow flag which represents the LGBTI community.

To find out more visit : www.inbedproject.com.au

Client: City of Maribyrnong

This booklet has been developed for the Economic Development Department within the Maribyrnong City Council and is used to attract new business to the municipality.

The booklet highlights some favourable statistics that are delivered in the form of infographics.




The City of Maribyrnong approached us to design a series of items that would be used by Council in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

These items included: festive flags that would be displayed around the municipality, Christmas cards that would be sent out to key suppliers and a festive season events booklet.

The flags were displayed in main shopping precincts such as: Ballarat Street in the Yarraville Village, Nicholson and Leeds Streets in the Footscray CBD as well as along 3 prominent highways in the area:

· 5 x on the corner of Moreland and Hopkins Streets, Footscray
· 5 x Ballarat Road, just over the Maribyrnong River
· 5 x Farnsworth Avenue Maribyrnong behind Victoria University

Client:  Hume City Council and Vic Health

The Hume City Council approached me to create a couple of concepts for their new public health campaign targeting males aged 18-34 years.

The primary campaign message was to encourage the target audience to make the switch from sugary drinks to water. Sugary drinks may include: soft drinks such as Coca Cola, lemonade etc.), energy drinks such as Mother, V, Red Bull and / or sports drinks like Gatorade.

Council wanted to highlight the benefits of drinking water such as: improved health and well being.

So I asked myself how should we communicate this to the target audience?

Hume have done a little bit of market research with this audience and found they are often not too concerned about the future health impacts or the financial costs associated with sugary drink consumption. Therefore, promotional efforts that focus on things like long-term obesity risks/caloric intake/cost of purchasing drinks are unlikely to be effective. The audience however, are motivated to have a healthy/fit/muscular body because it gives them ‘cred’ amongst their mates and boosts their dating potential.
In summary, Hume Council are wanting to run with a campaign message that conveys:

Water = improved body which helps with relationships plus ‘cred’ with
mates plus the energy to have fun.

The winning concept was a parody of a typical sports drink advert.

I dressed up the advert like an energy drink ad to attract the males’ attention utilising dynamic, strong, masculine graphics that yell. The ad looks like the message is promoting a new drink but in fact we are just advertising plain old water which is better for you. Its a creative way to convey a public health message in the hope that the audience finds it humorous and clever.